Questionnaire: Should I Home Educate My Children?

Even contemplating making the move to home school your child is a huge prospect, and you might feel overawed about all the options to consider and issues to think about. A good way to help to break down your huge decision into more easily manageable chunks is to answer the questionnaire below. If you print it out and answer the questions honestly, alongside your other family members and your children (it’s best to include all of kids if you have more than one, even if only one is considering a home education), then it will help you to direct your decision and discover what you want to do about a home education.

By answering the questions below as truthfully as you can, you will find yourself getting to the heart of your true feelings about becoming a home educator – is it the best option for your family? Is it going to lead to your child fulfilling his or her potential, and becoming happy, well-rounded and intelligent? This questionnaire aims to help your and your family to identify the best education experience for your son or daughter.

What is Wrong with the Current situation?

  • Is your child unhappy at school?
  • Does your child want to leave school?
  • Do you want your child to leave school?
  • How would you describe your home schooling choice to other parents?
  • Imagine someone criticising your home schooling choice – how would you respond and feel about that?
  • Would you feel capable and happy to teach your child on a daily basis?

Impact on the Family

  • Would you or your partner have to leave work to home educate?
  • How would your finances be impacted?
  • What do your other family members think about home schooling?
  • How would your other children (if applicable) react?


  • Is your child a well-balanced and social child?
  • Does he or she have friendships that you would be able to uphold?
  • What kind of social options are available in your area?
  • Are there sports, arts, drama and other extra curricular options available to non-schooled children in your area?


  • Are there local home schooling support groups?
  • Do you know other home schooling families?
  • What do your child’s current teachers and/or youth workers think about the idea of your home schooling your son or daughter?

Your Child

  • Does your child have specific behavioural difficulties – would you be able to cope with helping him or her develop from these difficulties?
  • Does your child have special needs – if so you would be able to cope with his or her education full time?
  • Does your child want to take qualifications such as A Levels in the future? If so are facilities available to enable that to take place in a home school environment? (e.g. can you afford a correspondence course, is there a local FE college nearby, etc)


  • Do you in general think that home schooling your child would have a negative or positive impact on family life?
  • Do you in general think that home schooling your child would have a negative or positive impact on your child’s education?

Once you have been through the questionnaire, read through your answers and jot down any concerns that arise. Use your responses to make a list of positive and negative feelings about home schooling. This should help you to ascertain the best step to take for your child’s education.