Where Can my Home Schooled Child Take Examinations?

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Information About Exam Entry for Home Schooled Children For home schooled children who have studied for a public exam like GCSEs or A levels either independently, through a private tutor, or via a correspondence course, it is usually the pupil's own responsibility to find an exam centre, register for the [...]

Teaching Revision and Exam Technique

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Most students feel nervous about exams, but homed schooled students might have extra nerves about taking the exams in a large exam centre with students they may have never previously met. It's a good idea to take your homed schooled child along to the exam centre in advance of the [...]

How to Teach Formal QualificationsWhen Home Schooling

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All about GCSEs and A Levels 'GCSE' stands for General Certificate of Secondary Education, the exams that within mainstream schools in the UK most students take at the end of year 11, usually when aged 16, although GCSEs can be taken at any age and home schoolers especially often take [...]

Home Schooling and Making a University Application

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The basic answer to the question 'what do universities think about home schooled students' applications to further education?' is that every institution differs. Most universities want to be certain that applicants to their courses will be able to cope with and benefit from their education at universities, and to many [...]

Do I Need Formal Qualifications to Home Educate?

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Parents making decisions about home schooling their children tend to be thinking first about the benefits or disadvantages that a home education would give their child, and it may only be once the decision has been made to home educate that he or she begins to consider the actual process [...]

Home Schooling and A Levels

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All about A Levels A Levels are higher level qualifications for students in England, Northern Ireland and Wales - in Scotland, the equivalent qualification is the Scottish Higher. A Levels are now split into two qualifications, AS (Advanced Subsidiary) and A (Advanced) level qualifications, which normally take one year each [...]

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