The Transition From Home School to School

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Home schooling is usually a very different education experience when compared with receiving an education in a mainstream school. A home schooled child will usually receive much more individual attention, and the pace of work will be tailored for his or her personal needs. If parents and children decide to [...]

Does a Home School Teacher Have to be a Qualified Teacher?

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Parents who decide their children would thrive with a home school education have usually examined the motivations and repercussions of home teaching in detail, but will tend to retain concerns about the actual practical process of themselves becoming a teacher. This article will look at the law surrounding their regulation [...]

What is ‘Deschooling’?

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The process of deschooling is only relevant to home school children who have started attending a school and then opt to receive a home learning education. Deschooling is the process of acclimatisation between learning at school and learning in the home environment. This article discusses what parents can expect around [...]

The Transition From School to Home Schooling

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For a child, moving from a busy school day to a less structured home education, where the 'classroom' might be their living room, and the teacher their mum or dad, can be a difficult transition to make. This article will look at how parents should begin planning for this transition [...]

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