Government Rules on Age and Hours of Study for Children

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There are no formal rules by the Government, Local Education Authority or any other curricula body regarding the number or nature of hours a home schooled child has to undertake. Usually no home school education is the same: there is no average day, or lesson, or term; the nature of [...]

Advice About the Law and Home Schooling

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In basic terms, the Education Act law in both England, Northern Ireland, and Wales and in Scotland means that while parents are legally required to educate their children, no parent has to do so by sending their child to school. Parents are, however, required by law to ensure they receive [...]

How do I Tell a School I Want to Home School my Child?

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Why do I Need to Contact the School? If a child has not previously attended a school, parents do not need to contact any school regarding their home schooling choice. If, however, your child is either currently attending a school in England, Northern Ireland, or Wales, or is registered as [...]

Truancy and Responding to a School Attendance Order

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Sometimes home school educated children who are seen out and about in school hours are targeted by truancy officers, who may not believe their (probable) protestations about being home schooled. In 2007, the Government Department for Children, Schools and Families (previously the ministry for education) issued guidance on truancy, and [...]

The Law and Home Schooling in Scotland

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Scotland and England have two separate Parliaments and two separate systems of law and administration, which affects their different education policies. However, the home schooling law in Scotland is close to that of England: in both countries parents are not obliged by law to sign up their child to a [...]

Government Attainment Standards for Home Schooled Children

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A child receiving a home schooling education in the UK is not subject to regular monitoring or testing. There are no official attainment standards that need to be met. Home schooled children do not need to take exams such as SATs; in fact, they do not need to take any [...]

The Law and Home Schooling in England and Wales

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In England the Education Act on 1944 means that parents are legally obliged to educate their children, but do not have to do so by sending their child to school. The Direct Gov website (by the Government) lists a parent's duty. This is: that a 'child is not obliged to [...]

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