Social and Leisure Activities and Home School Education

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For most home schooling parents, their child's development of social skills will be a central concern. In a mainstream school environment, children are usually taught in a large classroom which provides many opportunities to interact with fellow classmates of the same age, plus adults like teachers and teaching assistants, as [...]

What is ‘socialisation’?

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The issue of a child's social skills is a major concern for parents who are considering a home education for their child. Some criticisms of a home schooling environment include the idea that it prevents children from developing social awareness of how to act in particular situations, or what to [...]

Home Schooled Children and Social Skills

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The development of social skills is an issue of concern for many parents who decide to give their children home education - it's also one of the most prevalent criticisms of home education by those who are opposed to it. Some argue that a home schooling environment shelters children from [...]

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