Running a House and Home Educating

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When parents make the decision to home school their children, this can bring on extra stress when considering the myriad of other tasks to be carried out to enable the smooth-running of the family home. Some home schooling parents place pressure on themselves to carry out the full “duties” of [...]

All About Home Schooling and Break Time

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To many home educators, the idea of home schooling and a break time will immediately sound oxymoronic, because many home teachers believe that learning is not a specific, desk-based event but something that is part of every day life and can be picked up just as much in the supermarket [...]

The Law About Private Tuition at Home

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Many home educators provide all of their child's teaching themselves, or employ tutors for occasional sport, music or art training, but some home schooling families do opt for more home tutoring time within a home education. Some of the benefits include a child getting used to a different style of [...]

Motivating Home Schooled Children

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Where motivation in a mainstream school setting usually stems from the organised structure of a planned curriculum, marked assignments, sometimes peer to peer competitiveness, striving for the praise of a teacher or parent, home school educators generally emphasise learning for its own sake. Home schooling parents therefore often try to [...]

Employing a Private Tutor as Part of Home Schooling

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Home Tutoring In A Home School Education Some parents feel unable to cater for their child's entire teaching and want to hire a private tutor for some subjects, or others may book a tutor for a child's entire home learning. It's best to shop around as many tuition agencies offer [...]

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