What Subjects Does a Home Schooler Have to Teach?

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Many new home schooling families are surprised to find that there are no laws or regulations in place through Government Acts like the Education Act regarding the curricula that children who are experiencing home schooling need to undertake. In addition, the same is true of Local Education Authorities, (LEAs) and [...]

Home School Education and the National Curriculum

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For some home schooling families, the National Curriculum has no impact on their home learning and home teaching - because, by law, it does not have to have any role in a home education. Home schooling comes under the bracket of the Education Act which refers to provision for 'education [...]

Home Schooling Children with Dyslexia

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One of the chief benefits of home schooling is the individualised attention a child receives from his or her parent (or tutor, or grandparent, etc.) which is usually in contrast to a school environment with twenty or more students in a class and a low teacher or teaching assistant ratio. [...]

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