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Home Education and Steiner

January 16, 2009|0 Comments

As a parent who is considering home schooling, or interested in educational philosophies, you may well have heard of Steiner schooling. While you probably know some of its practices or concepts, you may be less aware of how these are [...]

Using TV and the Internet in Home Schooling

January 14, 2009|0 Comments

While both the Internet and TV programmes offer huge educational resource opportunities, some home schooling families can feel tentative about how to integrate these two technologies into their education plans. One of the reasons that many parents have serious reservations [...]

Home Schooling and Sport

January 13, 2009|1 Comment

The socialisation issue is often discussed as a concern for parents who are considering home schooling their child – how will he or she adapt to being taught alone (or with a sibling or two)? Will he or she become [...]

A Guide to Home Education Blogs

January 13, 2009|1 Comment

When parents become interested in home educating their children, the idea can seem scary as well as exciting. Often parents are keen to find out more about other families’ experiences, how they found home teaching when they started out, tips, [...]

Running a House and Home Educating

January 12, 2009|1 Comment

When parents make the decision to home school their children, this can bring on extra stress when considering the myriad of other tasks to be carried out to enable the smooth-running of the family home. Some home schooling parents place [...]

Ideas for Teaching Languages

October 23, 2008|0 Comments

Teaching a home schooled child a foreign language can help to introduce him or her to the exciting world community around them while also boosting his or her writing, speaking and listening communication skills. This article looks at some teaching [...]

Using Past Papers for Exam

October 23, 2008|1 Comment

To help children prepare for exams within a home education, there are past exams papers available for all kinds of exams, from eleven plus examinations to GCSEs and A levels. These are available to buy from book shops and websites, [...]

The Law About Private Tuition at Home

October 22, 2008|6 Comments

Many home educators provide all of their child's teaching themselves, or employ tutors for occasional sport, music or art training, but some home schooling families do opt for more home tutoring time within a home education. Some of the benefits [...]

Ideas for Teaching Science

October 21, 2008|3 Comments

Some home schooling parents have concerns about teaching science at home. Science may be a subject that parents struggled with themselves at school, or they simply remember the subject requiring lots of resources such as Bunsen burners and chemical elements. [...]