Questionnaire: Should I Home Educate My Children?

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Even contemplating making the move to home school your child is a huge prospect, and you might feel overawed about all the options to consider and issues to think about. A good way to help to break down your huge decision into more easily manageable chunks is to answer the [...]

Questionnaire: Ask Your Child About Home Education

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For your child, when you, he or she or your partner first brings up the idea of home education, there is likely to be a strong reaction – either negatively or positively. If a child has been bullied at school, he or she may be especially keen to leave behind [...]

Home Schooling a Child with Behavioural Difficulties

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Sometimes behavioural issues are a key reason why parents decide to home school their child, since the child is not doing well at school because of his or her behaviour. Often this has a root cause, such as bullying, or having difficulty learning in the school's teaching style or environment, [...]

Home School vs School Education

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This articles takes a look at the key issues that differentiate school and home school education, looking at the pros and cons of home tutoring's more individualised approach and the issues surrounding socialisation that some view as a disadvantage of home learning. This article lays out the issues, because the [...]

Home Schooling a Child with Special Needs

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The Basics about Home Schooling Children with Special Needs Children who have a statement of special educational needs can still receive a home education, but the process of starting home educating may differ slightly. The Statement, once a child is withdrawn from school, is unenforceable unless the Statement itself reads [...]

The Main Reasons People Choose to Home School

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Families and children may choose to embark on a home school education for a wide range of reasons. This article looks at the main reasons that parents name as significant factors in their decision to choose a home schooling education. Note that many parents -and children- opt for home schooling [...]

Home Schooling a Child Outside of the UK

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The relative freedom and flexibility of home schooling regulation in the UK means that parents who move or travel abroad with their children are sometimes surprised to discover stricter laws regulating home schooling in other countries. Parents who teach their children via home schooling have to follow the rules of [...]

The Disadvantages of Home Schooling

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While many parents find home schooling offers lots of potential benefits, there are also drawbacks to consider, and many will have a significant impact on family life for the home schooled child but also his or her siblings and parents. This article outlines these potential disadvantages of home schooling to [...]

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